Johnny-Five v2.0

Johnny-Five v2.0: 8 Years, 93 Releases, 132 Contributors, 3339 commits, 419 merged PRs (out of 598) and 1014 closed issues. That's a lot of open source software work! We're excited to see what comes next in the world of JavaScript for robotics and embedded devices. A little bird tells us that Donovan Buck has something ground breaking in the works! Stay tuned!


  • Johnny-Five 1.5.x will continue to receive maintenance as needed, at least for the rest of 2020.
  • 2.0.0 doesn't change anything that you've been using, it's just an internal rewrite against the same test suite, which contains 10719 assertions, covering 92% of the code base (mostly the important stuff).

Rick Waldron on June 11th 2020

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