785b263Keypad: examples
2dc685eKeypad: refactor
6f2dfefExpand test cases for the sensor class, and fix median value handling
fa6118bFix mode descriptions in pin tests and add constant name verification
8e061c1Proximity: fix example description typo
6753bd4Proximity: add details, re: PingFirmata. Regenerate examples
045678aupdated TinkerKit examples to use programs.json
8e73bb7Updated docs to point to Bryan's new GitHub username
7100750Sensor: simplify basic example
c26ba04make fw/rev both 255
ad00740Update motor-hbridge wiring
1fa4ce2Cleanup tests, purge boards. Fixes gh-827
b70eebcExpander: PCF8574 ensure that pin state byte is tracked
46e7d8eInterval is no longer a property on LED's
14d2c8fUpdated the tinkerkit examples with working website.
d4d207eFix linting nits
485181aKeypad examples, test cleanup
22a92b0Alias Keypad => Touchpad
6ee35bfSupport alternate key target maps for same controller
6e92c63toKey => toTarget
542b8degit mv eg/keypad-MPR121.js eg/keypad-MPR121QR2.js
95014c9Add default show arg
b0f6810MPR121QR2 is not the same controller as MPR121
4dd3998Keypad class
5092eb5Examples: minor nits

Please report any issues here.

Rick Waldron on July 3rd 2015

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