Since 2012, Johnny-Five has relied on a Github repo to be its "home" on the web. Today we're excited to welcome the JavaScript and Maker community to our new site!

The site is split up into five major sections:


This is where you are right now. This will be the main outlet for Johnny-Five updates, releases and other general project bulletins or notices. We'll also highlight new contributors and the roles they will play as the project grows.


The guts of Johnny-Five, neatly organized into component class documentation. The API documention provides descriptive details of the functionality and capabilities of each component class. There you will also find inline examples illustrating API use cases, as well as links to more detailed example programs. This content is sourced from the Johnny-Five repo Wiki.


This section includes over 150 examples that show how to write robots with Johnny-Five, from blinking LEDs to walking hexapods. All examples include a complete JavaScript program, most include a breadboard diagram, and some include photos or videos of the program in action. To add your own examples:

  • Clone the Johnny-Five repo.
  • Write a program and save it in the eg/ directory.
  • Create a breadboard diagram with Fritzing.
  • Add your program to tpl/programs.json
  • Open a Pull Request!


A lot of community members are creating a lot of projects and writing alot of content about their Nodebots built with Johnny-Five. This is where we keep a central list of links to all of that work. The Bocoup and Node-Ardx are static lists, so the content is always available directly from here. The Reddit list is generated from the latest posts to /r/Nodebots, which is constantly being updated and added to by community members.

Platform Support

In the beginning, Johnny-Five could only communicate with Arduino compatible boards flashed with StandardFirmata, via Firmata.js. As the project has grown, so has it's platform support. Today you can create Johnny-Five programs that communicate over serial, wifi, ethernet and bluetooth, or execute directly on single board computer platforms that run Linux and node.js/io.js.

Just like Johnny-Five itself, is an open source project; this means that community contributions towards improvement are always welcome! Have a look around the site and let us know what works and what doesn't!

Rick Waldron on April 22nd 2015

Hi! The Johnny-Five community is building new projects every day. We made this newsletter to tell you about what's new, what's good, and what's next for Open Source robotics. Join us in exploring what we can make together.

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