Hi from JSConf US in sunny San Diego, Calif., where a representative group of Johnny-Five contributors met and planned what's next for Johnny-Five. And—ta-da!—we are thrilled to announce the release of Johnny-Five v1.0.0!

Don't panic. This is the Johnny-Five you already know and love. There are no breaking changes from the most recent released, tagged version (v0.15.1). In fact, there are zero changes at all.

We're committing to the support of both LTS (Long-Term Support) branches of Node.js, which, at time of versioning are: 8.x (active LTS) and 6.x (maintenance LTS). Already succesfully running J5 on an older version of Node.js? That's OK; it's not going to stop working overnight. We are, however, marching boldly forward: be forewarned that future releases may break on unsupported versions of Node.js.

Now we've got our semver wheels in motion. We're in a good position to start kicking out some of the features we've been excited about (but have been scared to ship because some are breaking). Stay tuned!

Lyza Danger Gardner on August 23rd 2018

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