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Fritzing diagram: motor-TB6612FNG.fzz


Run this example from the command line with:

node eg/motor-TB6612FNG.js
const {Board, Switch, Sensor, Motor} = require("johnny-five");
const Tessel = require("tessel-io");
const board = new Board({
  io: new Tessel()

board.on("ready", () => {
  const spdt = new Switch("a0");
  const throttle = new Sensor("b0");

  // See the comments below for more information about
  // the pins shown in this pin array argument.
  const motor = new Motor([ "a5", "a4", "a3" ]);

  spdt.on("open", () => {

  spdt.on("close", () => {

  throttle.on("change", () => {
    motor.speed(throttle.value >> 2);

Additional Notes

Here's a breakdown of the pins used by these motor drivers, their corresponding Johnny-Five Motor class pin name, and capabilities:

Control Type/RoleJohnny-Five Motor Pin NameBreakout Printed Pin
Counter DirectioncdirAIN2 or BIN2
DirectiondirAIN1 or BIN1


Component Classes in this example:

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